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It was not too long ago when the Singapore government realised that the spirit of entrepreneurship was lacking in the city state. Our leaders had the vision of Singapore to become a Smart Nation. But to actualise that vision, we needed an entrepreneurial culture. A culture that dares to dream, dares to fail and dares to take on big challenges.

Our mission in JOE is to provide a unique learning experience to children in helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning in order for them to add significant value to the world.

JOE was designed to create awareness amongst children to think out-of-the-box and not be limited in how they approach and solve problems. As these children grow up, they will be dealing with problems that no one has solved before. Therefore, a creative and entrepreneurial mindset will truly be an asset for life. Which is why in JOE, we encourage students to see problems as opportunities instead of a burden. The developers of JOE believes in a non-conformist thinking where students are given a conducive environment and latitude to think-out-of-the-box and exercise their thinking skills and innovative spirit. The common method of instruction in JOE is to question. We probe children with questions and at the same time, get them to ask questions. We believe that a questioning attitude will help to open up their minds.

It is a common misconception that entrepreneurship is synonymous to financial literacy. Entrepreneurship is a mindset more than anything else. Journey of Entrepreneurship is not just about financial literacy, but it has been designed to include both soft skills and financial literacy. Apart from financial literacy, it is also an important responsibility for parents to help their children grow emotionally and socially. We are certain that every single one of them has the ability and the potential to add value to the lives of others, in one way or another by being civil and responsible citizens of the world.

We want our children to grow up making decisions that are not merely based on money but crafted by their passion or desire to make an impact to society. Money is a means – not an end. Create a forgiving environment – one that does not diminish a child’s sense of well-being when they fail. This is detrimental to promoting entrepreneurship. An environment which celebrates people who have tried but failed is instrumental in creating an entrepreneurial landscape in the world.

This world is not problem-free. It was never meant to be. But it is unsettling how we see more and more problems as the world matures. Poverty, global warming, pollution, energy crisis, starvation… the list goes on. We do not want to be the generation that is known to have conveniently handed over a list of problems to the next generations to come. Yes, problems are inevitable. But what if we could do the future a service and hand them over a solution “package”? A “package” that leads to breakthrough solutions in overcoming problems of the future. That “package” would be an entrepreneurial mindset.


To provide a unique learning experience to children in helping them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning in order for them to add significant value to the world.


To be a global brand in entrepreneurship training.

Our Personality


Children are born explorers and are always asking questions. At JOE, we are constantly posing our students questions and encouraging them to fuel their never ending curiosity.


Our programme assists students in ideation which requires a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. Our approach in coaching these young entrepreneurs is to get them to see things from the bigger picture.


Just as we are passionate about what we do, we want our students to discover their passion to uncover the uniqueness within them. Passion is like the fuel to their vehicle – the driving force behind success.


Entrepreneurship is never just about the happy stories. Most entrepreneurs would have many stories about failure to share. In JOE, our activities would sometimes lead to failure on the part of the students. With reflection, students can emerge from these programme more persevering and failure-tolerant.

Our Centres


11 Eunos Road 8 #07-01 (Lobby A)
Lifelong Learning Institute
Singapore 408601

Paya Lebar

60 Paya Lebar Road #02-12
Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051


Tel: 6632 9532 | 6632 9530
Email: joe@ssagroup.com

Our Instructors

Our engaging instructors are qualified trainers with a minimum academic qualification of a diploma in business-related subjects.

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